All members of staff are required to read and comply with the conditions of the policy in respect of the way in which the communications mechanisms are utilised. The policy includes computers and fax.

  1. The Council encourages electronic communications with local, national and international organisations.
  1. All emails sent must contain the standard disclaimer set up on the email system
  1. Emails sent on behalf of the Council in response to consultation or question must reflect the accepted Council corporate policy on the subject of the consultation or question.
  1. Staff and users are expected to use technology in a courteous, reasonable and responsible manner. The following activities are not acceptable and anyone found to be involved in them may face disciplinary action. In certain instances, the matter will be considered gross misconduct:
    • Receiving, sending, or displaying offensive messages or pictures
    • Using obscene language
    • Improper use of e-mail and faxes
    • Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks
    • Violating copyright laws
    • Using other's staff members passwords and identities
    • Intentionally wasting limited resources
    • Employing the system for commercial purposes
    • Employing the system for illegal activities
    • Downloading any commercial software
  1. It is a requirement of the Council and the duty of all staff to avoid deliberate use of the Council’s Internet connections and technology for inappropriate personal use. Staff should immediately alert the Town Clerk, or Chairman of the Council of any suspect material found stored on any computer or elsewhere on the premises.
  1. The computer equipment and software must be used as installed. Staff and users may not install /uninstall, delete or change anything on Council computers. Any requirements to change anything should be authorised by the Town Clerk, or Chairman of Council.
  1. The Council uses a virus-checker on the computers. No disks are to be loaded that have not been virus checked by the system, and authorised by the Town clerk or Chairman of the Council.
  1. Back up of all Computer hard drives is to be made on a regular basis, including email accounts.