The Members fee is collected by the Vice Chairman at the Annual Statutory Meeting. The money is held in the Council’s Safe but is separate from the Council’s finances.

The money is used to purchase personal gifts, flowers, cards for which the council does not have the power to spend. These are for Councillors, Staff and those members of the community the Council wish to give a personal gift to but to whom no power of spend is available such as ex councillors.

• At the Annual Statutory Meeting, the Vice Chairman will collect £1 from each councillor or the amount prescribed by Council.

• The money to be recorded in the record book, the book and actual money is to be balanced by the Chairman and Vice Chairman, and the book signed.

• Requests to spend the money should be made in writing to the Vice Chairman.

• Such requests to be presented by the Vice Chairman to the next Council meeting and approval obtained.

• Should there not be a suitable Council meeting, the request to be agreed by the Chairman of Council, Chairman of Finance & General Policy, and another Chairman; the decision being reported to the next Council Meeting.