Memorial Tree Policy


  1. All applications to be made in writing

1.1         application to include reason for request

1.2         indication of tree type required

1.3         indicate location of memorial

  1. The Committee to decide whether to accept the application at the next available meeting and make a decision as to the type and location
  2. The Council to purchase and arrange installation of the tree to ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations
  3. The Applicant to pay an agreed price to the Council for the memorial, the cost to cover the Tree, Installation and administration
  4. The Memorial tree to be owned by the Council and included in future maintenance programme at the Council’s cost.
  5. The Council to notify the applicant should the tree require felling within 10 years of installation, with an option for them to purchase a replacement, if the felling is due to failing within the tree.
  6. The Council to notify the applicant should the tree require replacement within 10 years of installation and the council to fund the replacement if the failure is due to neglect or accident by either the Town Council or its contractors
  7. The Council cannot guarantee the tree and reserve the right to remove the tree should circumstances dictate after the 10 year term.






AGREED Council 18.04.2012