In accordance with the Council’s Health and Safety Policy, the following procedure is to apply to all staff who are required to use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) for significant periods of time in the course of their work.

All newly appointed staff and existing staff whose jobs involve substantial use of DSE are required to undergo an eye examination prior to using the DSE. Such staff are recommended to undergo a further eye examination once a year.

The staff concerned may be examined by an Optician of their choice and may attend the examination during working hours.

If there is a charge for the examination, the cost will be reimbursed upon receipt of invoice

If as a result of the examination the employee is recommended to obtain and wear glasses or contact lenses, or if already a wearer, to obtain different glasses or lenses for use at work, the Council will reimburse the employee as follows:


  • If needed solely for work use the full cost of modestly priced glasses/lenses – such sum to be ascertained from the Optician and agreed by the Chairman of Finance & General Policy


  • In other cases 50% of the cost of the glasses will be made - a contribution to a maximum of £100 will be made upon proof that the prescription of the glasses has changed


In order to obtain reimbursement for the eye test the employee must obtain an invoice or receipt from the Optician. A letter is required from the Optician should the employee require glasses/lenses for DSE use.


Should the result of the eye examination be that the employee is recommended by the Optician to avoid using DSE in order to protect the health of his or her eyes, this matter to be discussed with the Town Clerk and dealt with under the usual procedure for dealing with staff health problems.


If you have any questions about this policy or about any other health matters with regards to the use of computers or DSE’s, please contact the Town Clerk