Policy on requests for fees and support re Trade and Business improvement from commercial organisations


1.    This policy will be effected for all commercial and profit making organisation that require support or financial involvement of the Council to promote/ enhance/improve trade and retail experiences for the Town of Clevedon.

2.    Any such request be passed to the Chamber of Trade and InClevedon with a request to meet and investigate the requests

3.    For the Chamber of Trade and InClevedon to establish if there is support and a need identified by the traders and business in the Town.

4.    The Chamber of Trade and/or InClevedon to present the case along with details of their support and financial involvement to the Finance & General Policy committee

5.    Only after the request from Chamber of Trade and/or In Clevedon will the FGP Committee consider if there is any financial support from the Council.

6.    Any “not for profit” organisation seeking support will be dealt with on a case by case basis with the Chairman of the FGP deciding if this policy is appropriate or if a direct presentation is made to the FGP or relevant Committee.